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  1. Okutama-cho Ogouchi wastewater treatment center
  2. Chubu Wastewater Treatment Center
  3. Sakae I Wastewater Treatment Center
  4. M Wastewater Treatment Plant
  5. Nishiura Wastewater Treatment Plant
  6. Hachinohe Environment Center (Night soil treatment plant)
  7. H District Environment Center (Night soil treatment plant)
  8. Warabi-Toda Sanitary Center (Night Soil Treatment Plant)
  9. Asaka Ditrict Regional Affairs Association Night Soil Treatment Plant
  10. Hanyu City Sludge Recycle Treatment Center
  11. Ichihara City Oceanfront Sanitary Plant (Night Soil Treatment Plant)
  12. Kawagoe City Environment Sanitary Center (Night Soil Treatmen Plant)
  13. Hachioji City Sanitary Sewage Treatment Center (Night Soil Treatment Plant)
  14. Iruma Seibu Sanitation Association Cleaning Center (Night Soil Treatment Plant)
  15. Funabashi City Nishiura Treatment Plant (Night Soil Treatment Plant)
  16. Johkasou for residence
  17. Johkasou for residence
  18. Johkasou for residence
  19. Johkasou for residence
  20. Johkasou for residence
  21. Johkasou for residence
  22. Johkasou for residence
  23. Johkasou for residence
  24. Johkasou for residence
  25. Johkasou for residence
  26. Johkasou for housing complex
  27. Johkasou for housing complex
  28. Johkasou for housing complex
  29. Johkasou for housing complex
  30. Kawano Area Wastewater Treatment Plant
  31. Sugito Fresh Town Wastewater Treatment Plant (Community Plant)
  32. Ohtabukuro District Wastewater Treatment Plant (Kuki City Rural Sewerage System)
  33. Imaichi Clean Center (Yorii-town Rural Sewerage System Wastewater Treatment Plant)
  34. Kubokawa-town Domestic Wastewater Drain Purification Facility
  35. Water Purification System for Pond in park A
  36. Takane River Domestic Wastewater Drain Purification Facility
  37. Domestic Wastewater Drain Purification Facility “Water Park in Toride City”
  38. Ichinomiya City Koumyoji Sanitary Landfill Site Leachate Treatment Facility
  39. DAILY MATE Co., Ltd. Wastewater treatment plant
  40. Y Seafood Processing Co., Ltd. Wastewater Treatment Facility
  41. S Corporation Wastewater Treatment Facility
  42. A Paper Company Wastewater Treatment Plant
  43. pH Adjuster Plant in A Dye Factory
  44. Wastewater Treatment Plant in C Dye factory
  45. Wastewater Treatment Plant in B Dye factory
  46. Piggery Wastewater Treatment Plant Kanagawa Prefectural Livestock Industry Technical Center
  47. Cattle Shed Wastewater Treatment Plant Kanagawa Prefectural Livestock Industry Technical Center
  48. Wastewater Treatment Plant in H Meat Processing Factory
  49. Wastewater Treatment Plant in K Company N Factory
  50. Wastewater Treatment Plant in T Soda Factory
  51. Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Fujieda Factory Wastewater Treatment Plant
  52. A Corporation B Factory Wastewater Treatment Facility
  53. S Steel Co. Alkali wastewater treatment plant
  54. S Steel Co. Weak-acid Wastewater Treatment Plant
  55. S Steel Co. Electroplating Wastewater Treatment Plant
  56. S Steel Co. Storm water Treatment Plant
  57. K Co., Ltd. Industrial wastewater treatment plant
  58. Miyagi Oki Electric Co., Ltd.
  59. Chuo Electroplaters Cooperative Association Joint Wastewater Treatment Center
  60. Fukuura Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
  61. K Chemical Corporation K Plant Common Wastewater Treatment Facility