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State of water environmental issues
Cambodia + Table of contents
+ Overview
+ River Basins
+ Sea Areas
+ Groundwater
+ Drinking Water Sources
+ Enclosed water bodies

2. River Basins

Cambodia has considerable water resource potential, with abundant surface water and aquifers and a high level of seasonal rainfall. However, this potential has not yet been developed for agriculture, industrial or household use. In spite of the abundance of water sources, many areas in the central plains and plateaus lack water in the dry season and are therefore dependent on unreliable rainfall patterns.

Many rivers, streams, lakes, and their tributaries provide tremendous water resources for development. These water sources are divided into three systems: (i) the Mekong River System; (ii) the Tonle Sap River System; and (iii) the river system flowing into the Gulf of Thailand.

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Table of contents > 2. River Basins
2.1. Mekong River System
2.2. Tonle Sap Great Lake
2.3. The River system flowing into the Gulf of Thailand