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State of water environmental issues
Cambodia + Table of contents
+ Overview
+ River Basins
+ Sea Areas
+ Groundwater
+ Drinking Water Sources
+ Enclosed water bodies

1. Overview

1.0. Background Information

Cambodia’s official name became the Kingdom of Cambodia in the 1990s. The Kingdom of Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia in the southwestern part of the Indo-Chinese peninsula. It lies between latitudes 10’ and 15’ North and longitudes 102’ and 108’ East in the Tropical North, and covers an area of 181,035 km². The Kingdom of Cambodia shares its 2,438 km border with Thailand, Laos PDR, and Vietnam (attached map). The maximum length of the country is approximately 580 km from east to west and 450 km from north to south and it has a total boundary of 2,600 km of which approximately 5/6 is land and 1/6 is a coastline. Approximately 86% of the total land area lies within the Mekong Catchment (Mekong River Commission, 1998).

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Table of contents > 1. Overview
1.0. Background Information
1.1. Physical geography
1.2. Topography and administrative boundaries
1.3. Weather
1.4. Hydrology