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State of water environmental issues
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6. Enclosed water bodies

6.1. Boeung Thom

Boeung Thom is a lake that has a catchment with an area of 217 km2 and an annual rainfall of about 1,700 mm. During the dry season, the lake covers an area of about 14 km2. Six tributaries are water sources for the lakes: Prek Peam Knong Thmey, Prek Takoy, Prek O Svay, Stung Proyaul, Stung Trang and Stung O Dar. Beoeng Thom and the Mekong River supply inflows to Prek Peam Knong, Prek Thmey, Prek Takoy and Prek O Svay. Stung Proyaul, Stung Traung and Stung O Dar receive inflows from catchments around Ten Mountains and depend on rainfall.

Water quality in Boeung Thom in some parts is degraded because spoiled shrimp bait is used for shrimp collection; water also flows into this lake over short periods of time and recedes rapidly. The lake is not easily purified and some aquatic life dies as a result of the water pollution. This usually occurs in June and July.

According to statistics of provincial fisheries offices from 1979 to 1995, the forest area around Boeung Thom and Boeung Prolit was 1,650 ha. However, from 1995 to 1997, about 1499 ha of these forests were cut down by local people and now only approximately 151 ha remains.

Between 1980 and 1985, there were many birds, snakes, and other wildlife in the Boeung Thom area. At the moment, the number of wildlife is decreasing because of disturbances from local activities, contamination, and decline of their habitats due to the clearance of forests for agriculture purposes.


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